Opening hours: Daily throughout the year from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Kinneff Old Kirk, Kinneff,

Kincardineshire, DD10 0TJ



  • 5 August 1242

    Consecration of Kinneff Old Church by Bishop David de Bernham

  • 1640

    James Grainger appointed minister

  • 1651

    - Charles II crowned King of Scots at Scone Palace and presented with the Honours of Scotland - Cromwell lays siege to Dunnottar Castle - Christian Grainger smuggles Scottish Crown Jewels out of Dunnottar Castle

  • 1651-1660

    Crown Jewels hidden in Kinneff Church by Rev and Mrs Grainger

  • 1660

    - Restoration of Charles II - Crown Jewels transferred to Edinburgh Castle

  • 1663

    James Honeyman appointed minister – first of four generations

  • 1679

    Church Bell cast in Holland by Peter Ostens and installed

  • 1707

    Scottish Parliament dissolved and Crown Jewels locked away in chest in Crown room at Edinburgh Castle

  • 1738

    Kirk rebuilt

  • 1790

    Sword belt found at Garrison Commander George Ogilvy’s house at Barras

  • 1818

    Sir Walter Scott rediscovers ‘lost’ Crown Jewels in Edinburgh Castle

  • 1822

    Crown Jewels presented to George IV in a lavish procession stage managed by Sir Walter Scott

  • 1843

    Schism within the Presbyterian Church resulting in a new free church being built at Roadside of Kinneff

  • 1876

    Further alterations to the Kirk with the north aisle and staircase added

  • 1888

    Dr Mearns, one time minister whose arms are displayed over the entrance, presents organ to the congregation

  • 1892

    Sword belt returned to Edinburgh Castle

  • 1932

    Last registered minister

  • 1941

    Crown Jewels separated and concealed in different parts of Edinburgh Castle in case of Nazi occupation

  • 1953

    Crown Jewels taken out of hiding and presented to Queen Elizabeth II at St Giles Cathedral

  • 1954

    Electrification of the Old Church

  • 1976

    Ceased to be a worshipping Church

  • 1979

    Kinneff Old Church Preservation Trust set up to restore and maintain the fabric and tradition of the Old Kirk

  • 1987/88

    Wall Memorials renovated

  • 1999

    Crown paraded at the opening of the new Scottish Parliament

  • 2009

    Homecoming celebrations

  • 2012

    South facing windows renovated